Website Design Course

Content and presentation by the facilitators was consistently high quality and engaging. It worth mentioning that the assignment and examples were straight from production. This may be due to the fact that the Company behind The Skill Pedia is Alliance Softech Pvt Ltd. And they are website design Company. Most importantly, each session provided an excellent review of the challenges and opportunities inherent in each area – while challenging us to clarify and to find our own answers. I feel that all the techniques used, the methods, the interactive videos, handouts and slides were extremely good.

At no point did I feel that the training was “long” or “dragging on”. Even during the video, you feel like going to sleep if you are “Just Watching”. But the video will simply pause after every 4-5 min and ask you questions from the part covered. If you don’t reply correctly, you have to watch it all over again, This results in actual learning. I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I felt challenged and consistently drawn into the exercises and presentations had my full attention due to the way in which they were conducted. Thanks a lot!!

I think the course was excellent for someone like me (Web Designer working on always improving creativity and design process) …..  Thanks for all your great work and your dedication to sharing your skills and knowledge with us. Hats off to The Skill Pedia!

“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The tutor’s attitude was exemplary. He displayed a good knowledge of the subject and connected with me in no time.”

Karen Cadman Sr. Web Designer

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