Linux Administration Training

For someone like myself who came from an absolutely non-technical background Sangwan has proven his trainings and teachings are effective. When I first met Sangwan in December of 2017 he told me verbatim that he will make me an  expert of Linux if  I give him 4 months. I have already began interviewing for Linux jobs and getting prepared to go take my RHCE exam next month.

I began training with Sangwan in December so in less than 6 months I have the understanding of Linux Administrators with years of experience. Sangwan is very knowledgeable in the old and latest Linux packages, technologies, and upgrades with Beta. Every session has a lab associated with it.

We go through the theory side to help me understand the architecture and how it works and then I am given a lab to build on my hands-on and practical knowledge and experiences. My favourite part with being under Sangwan’s tutelage is that even after my training was over he still stayed with me, guides me and mentors me throughout my professional experience.

He is still my mentor and trainer and he is always available to help answer any questions I have.

Linux Administration Training

Yaw A. Boateng Philadelphia, PA

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