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SAP ASE DBA-Introduction to Adaptive Server Enterprise

- Watch Video Recording of Lecture

  • Introducing SAP ASE DBA
  • Learn about Adaptive Server Enterprise 16.0 and Adaptive Server Databases.
  • What are your responsibilities as System Administrator.


Installing Servers -

Watch Video Recording of Lecture

  • Learn about downloading ASE Software.
  • Installing Adaptive Server on Linux
  • Take a look at ASE Directory Structure on a Linux.
  • How to Start and Stop ASE Servers.


Establishing Connectivity -

Watch Video Recording of Lecture

  • What are the interfaces file and what is  windows sql.ini file.
  • Maintaining the interfaces files on Linux and Windows Operating Systems.
  • Introduction to LDAP directory services.
  • Practicing Working with databases.

Configuring Server Behavior

  • What are Configuration Values for ASE?
  • Viewing and Modifying Configuration values
  • Managing Multiple Configuration files
  • Practicing Database configuration Parameters


Configuring Memory - Watch Video Recording of Lecture

  • What are Components of Memory in ASE.
  • Learn about Allocation of Memory in SAP ASE
  • Major uses of Memory for an Adaptive Server.
  • Estimating Initial Configuration Values


Initializing and Using Devices

  • Creating and Dropping Devices for ASE
  • What are Default Devices? How to Mirror Devices


Creating and Using Databases

  • Sizing and Creating Databases
  • Setting Ownership and options for a Database in an SAP
  • Expanding Databases
  • Lab: Create database, Drop database ,Start database and Stop database


Suggested Disk Resource Strategies

  • Resource Allocation for System Databases and User Databases
  • Monitoring Space Usage
  • Practicing Adding and Modify Devices or data files in Databases


Auto Expansion - Watch Video Recording of Lecture

  • Overview of Auto Database Expansion
  • Installing Auto Expansion of Databases on Sybase ASE
  • Managing Auto Expansion using sp_dbextend


Managing tempdb

  • Review of System tempdb
  • Installing multiple tempdbs
  • Binding Database Objects to a tempdb in a Sybase ASE
  • Managing tempdbs - Precedence
  • Troubleshooting and Recommendations


Administering System Roles and Logins

  • Overview of Access Concept.
  • Define System Roles and Logins.
  • What is Proxy Authorization


Managing Database Access and Users

  • Database Owners and Users
  • Object Creation Permissions
  • Lab : Create user, Drop user  and Manage user permissions


Implementing Object Permissions, Groups and Roles

  • Object Permissions in SAP ASE
  • Creating and Managing Groups in SAP ASE
  • Overview of User-defined Roles
  • Implementing User-defined Roles


Using Bulk Copy Utility on Sybase

  • Copying Definitions
  • Bulk Copy Overview and Syntax


Overview of Automatic Recovery  - Watch Video Recording of Lecture

  • Overview of Automatic Recovery
  • Recording Modifications
  • Recovering Modifications after a Shutdown
  • What are Checkpoints?
  • Manage Recovery Order while recovering a Database


Checking and Fixing Database Consistency

  • Overview of dbcc Command
  • Checking Page Linage and Page Allocation
  • Setting up the dbccdb Database
  • Using dbcc checkstorage


Planning for a Database Backup

  • Backup Basics and Backup Server
  • Truncating the Transaction Log
  • Developing a Backup Plan


Performing a Backup of SAP ASE Database

  • Making Backup Servers known to Adaptive Server
  • Dumping and Loading Databases on SAP ASE 16.0
  • Dumping and Loading Transaction Logs on Sybase ASE
  • Practicing a Database Backup


Practicing Advanced Backup Techniques

  • What are Thresholds?
  • Working with Transaction Log Recovery and Database Recovery
  • Rebuilding the master Database
  • Practicing Restore backups into database

Sybase Cockpit

  • Sybase Cockpit
  • Install new ASE cockpit server
  • Add an ASE instance to the ASE cockpit
  • Know how to navigate through ASE cockpit


Monitoring the Sybase ASE Server

  • Monitoring Errors, Processes, Licenses and System Performance
  • Practicing Applying Patches, patch set and Database upgrade


Introduction to Sybase ASE Replication

  • Why Replicate Data?
  • What are the advantages of Data Replication for SAP ASE.
  • Data Replication and Failover Methods
  • What is an ID Server
  • Understanding Replication System Domain and Server Threads.


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