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    As I alluded to at the beginning of the article (and also in terms of its work), web design is a combination of two disciplines: Design (art) and Coding (programming).

    Skill design here is the ability to make an attractive website appearance, for example how to combine colors, choose fonts, determine the width of content, to create a website logo.

    This design capability must also be combined with design applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. For those who use open source applications can use GIMP and Inkscape.

    This design expertise is often released because many focus directly on coding. While the skill coding is “steady” but the design skill is minimal, the results will not be optimal.

    Have you ever used friendster social media sites (which were booming before the Facebook era in Indonesia)? The site allows users to change font colors, backgroud colors, to mouse cursor shapes. Ripple is How? For those who do not have the design expertise, the black background color combined with the blue font color, plus the blinking effect of the image gif, is very uncomfortable in the eyes.

    In addition to design skills, web designers must also conceptualize the creation of a website from the start, for example how to sketch web site appearance (wireframing), adjust website features to client needs, to how user friendly website layout is designed.

    Unlike the design of offline media such as brochures, websites are dynamic media. Many devices that are used to access websites are also a challenge for web designers, namely how to create websites that can look perfect compilation accessed from PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

    The second skill that must be owned by a web designer is coding (programming), while a web designer is required to understand at least 2 web programming languages, namely HTML and CSS. HTML is used to create a website structure, while CSS is used to discuss views.
    Is it enough with HTML and CSS?

    If this question was asked 5 years ago, the question might be “already”. But technological developments require us to renew and adapt.

    Besides HTML and CSS, JavaScript is also mastered by web designers. Want to add slider / slideshow features? Make a confirmation window? Increase the size of the third image of the mouse cursor above it? All of this requires JavaScript.

    To become a professional web designer, the required skills are still there. Namely advanced material such as Bootstrap and jQuery. Bootstrap is a CSS framework that can be used to design responsive web quickly. While jQuery is a JavaScript library that provides animation effects.

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