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Cold Drawn Steel Pipe

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    Cold drawn precision seamless steel pipe is a precision cold drawn seamless pipe with high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish for mechanical structures and hydraulic equipment. The use of precision seamless pipes to manufacture mechanical structures or hydraulic equipment can greatly save machining time, improve material utilization, and improve product quality.
    1. The outer diameter is smaller.
    2. High precision can be used to make small batches
    3. The cold drawn product has high precision and good surface quality.
    4. The cross-sectional area of steel pipes is more complicated.
    5. The steel pipe has better performance and the metal is denser.
    Can be used in hydraulic system piping, automotive manufacturing piping, military, engineering machinery, railway locomotives, aerospace, marine, injection molding machines, die casting machines, machine tools, diesel engines, petrochemicals, power stations, boiler equipment and other industries.Cold Drawn Steel Pipe

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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