If you've already mastered SQL Server, you'll have no trouble to

Learn Oracle Online

. Oracle isn't generally more difficult to master than Microsoft SQL Server; it's simply different.

An overview of Oracle DBA Online Training

Oracle DBA Online Training

covers both the fundamental and advanced topics of Oracle. Our Oracle course is suitable for both beginners and experts. Oracle is a database management system that uses relational databases. It's a popular choice for business applications. All Oracle database topics are covered in the oracle dba course online, including insert record, update a record, delete record, select record, create a table, and drop table. Oracle interview questions are also provided to help you better comprehend the Oracle database. Oracle learning is the same as SQL Server and other relational database systems. It uses SQL and Oracle's proprietary PL/SQL extensions, and its database design concepts are identical. If you have a basic knowledge of Linux and SQL, it's pretty straightforward to study.

Things you will see in the course and Oracle DBA Online Training

  • Oracle Database: A Beginner's Guide

You will learn about the Oracle Database and how to install Oracle Database Server in this part. Additionally, you will learn how to establish a practice database and how to connect to it.
  • Oracle Fundamentals

The Oracle fundamentals section explains how to connect with the Oracle database using SQL. You'll learn how to query data from a database and how to manage database tables, including how to create, amend, and delete tables.
  • Oracle's Perspective

The Oracle View, which is a virtual table whose data is the result of a stored query, is covered in this section. A view that behaves like a table but does not really contain any data is referred to as a virtual table.
  • Oracle Index

One of the most efficient strategies for optimizing query performance is the Oracle index. You must, however, comprehend it correctly in order to apply it effectively.
  • Tutorial on PL/SQL

This PL/SQL Tutorial section explains how to create modular and procedural programs in Oracle Database using the PL/SQL programming language.
  • Aggregate Functions in Oracle

This tutorial will show you how to utilize Oracle aggregate functions to calculate aggregates and how to understand how they work.
  • Date Functions in Oracle

The most widely used Oracle date and time functions are listed in this section to assist you in efficiently managing Date Time data.
  • String Functions in Oracle

Oracle string functions are provided in this part to help you manipulate character strings more effectively.
  • Administration of Oracle Databases

This section covers Oracle Database Administration activities that will help you get up and running with Oracle Database administration fast and effectively.

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You've come to the right place if you want to study Oracle Database from the ground up. You may study Learn Oracle Online quickly and easily on our website. We have an Oracle tutorial is designed for people who have never dealt with an Oracle Database. If you're already familiar with Oracle, you'll discover a wealth of information on new Oracle database features and advanced approaches here.