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JIRA and its issue tracking features are popular among software engineers, but the platform is now being used to manage workflow in a variety of industries. JIRA comes with a plethora of configuration options, take a step forward by learning how to master them as an administrator. Take Jira training Certification and be a master of all.What you will learn in Jira Tutorial?

  • JIRA Configuration Management
  • JIRA Product Optimization
  • JIRA's Instrumentation Statistics can be viewed here.
  • The JIRA Support Entitlement Number can be found here (SEN)
  • Monitor Database Connection Usage by generating a Thread Dump
  • In JIRA, conduct audits.

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The Jira Training is a comprehensive training course on Agile Jira Scrum. The Course include Introduction to Agile Software Development Methodology, Downloading, Installing and Cofiguring Jira Software and Working on JIRA SCRUM Projects.


You will be able to perform the following tasks after JIRA Training

  • Downloading and Installation of JIRA, user management, configuring workflows, JIRA workflow Administration
  • Understand the various features of JIRA and how they can be aligned with Agile
  • Able to create a JIRA issue and understand the workflow
  • How categorization of issues done in JIRA
  • Tracking the progress of project tasks using JIRA dashboard
  • Setting up an Agile Project, creating user stories/issues, creating backlogs, Sprint Planning, prioritizing the sprints, monitoring the sprint through Scrum boards
  • Creating Kanban boards and Agile reporting
  • JIRA augmentation with Zephyr for test management
  • JIRA add-ons and integration
  • Many more…..


JIRA Training Course Contents

Introduction to Agile SCRUM

  • Agile SCRUM
  • Principles Of Scrum
  • SCRUM Rules
  • The Ceremonies of scrum
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Scrum meetings
  • SPRINT Retrospective and Review
  • The Scrum Board
  • SCRUM Team, SCRUM And SPRINT Cycle
  • The SPRINT Backlog contents
  • Impediment log
  • The SPRINT Burn Down
  • Benefits of SCRUM

Getting Started with Jira Software

  • Introduction to JIRA and its features
  • Downloading JIRA from the official website.
  • Learn to Install JIRA on Windows and Linux Machines Linux
  • Launch Jira and Create First Project
  • JIRA Components- Projects, Themes and Initiatives
  • The Epics and User Stories/Issues
  • Concept of Workflow in Jira


Issues in JIRA - Performing Basic Activities

  • Creating an Issue in Jira for a Project
  • Attaching a File and Screenshot to an Issue
  • Learn to clone an Issue in JIRA
  • Commenting on an Issue
  • Creating a Sub-Task
  • Editing an Issue and Rich-Text Fields
  • Emailing an Issue
  • Labeling and Linking Issues
  • Logging Work on an Issue
  • Learn about Modifying and Moving Issues in Jira
  • Scheduling an Issue


More on  Issues in JIRA

  • Understanding Setting Security on an Issue
  • Viewing an Issue’s Change History
  • Watching and Voting on an Issue
  • Issue creation Best Practices
  • Importing issues into JIRA from MS Excel Software.


Customize – Dashboards and user profile

  • Understanding and Generating Reports
  • What is Issue Navigator?
  • Understanding “Projects” and working with them
  • Search Basic and advanced search features
  • Search result usage –export to various formats and creation of charts
  • Working with Saved Search


A detailed explanation of JIRA agile methodology

  • How to set up and Agile Project, Agile Stories (Epics)/issues and backlogs
  • Sprint Planning
  • How to monitor the sprint through scrum boards
  • A real time example of a scrum board in JIRA
  • Customizing the agile workspace
  • Generating Agile reports from JIRA Dashboard
  • Migration to JIRA from Excel sheets/.CSV files


JIRA Project Management

  • Defining a Project
  • Managing Project Role Membership
  • Defining a Component
  • Managing Versions


JIRA User Management

  • Managing Users, Groups and Roles
  • Migrating User Groups to Project Roles
  • Configuring work flows
  • Setting accesses and permissions
  • Setting email and other notifications


JIRA Workflow Administration

  • Basic workflow concepts
  • Example workflows in real life
  • JIRA default workflow
  • Issue resolution
  • Capturing and presenting your Data
  • Custom fields
  • Mandatory fields
  • Configuring workflows
  • Transitions, conditions and post functions


Add-on installation and configuration

  • Creating ‘Test’ issues
  • Linking Test cases to requirements
  • Creating, managing and running test cycles and sets
  • Defect reporting
  • Establishing traceability
  • Test reports from JIRA


JIRA plug-in for Test Management – qTest Integration

  • Add-on installation and configuration
  • Requirement retrieval
  • Adding Test cases and linking them to JIRA requirements
  • Create Test cycles and test run
  • Defect Management in JIRA
  • qTest Add-on JIRA Widget
  • Introduction to Confluence
  • Installing Confluence
  • Evaluation options for Confluence (Epics)/issues
  • Supported platforms
  • Installing Confluence on Windows
  • Activating Confluence trial license
  • Finalising Confluence Installation
  • Creating content in Confluence
  • Creating a Space and content in Space
  • Add heading and text in pages
  • Editing page content
  • Customizing page layout
  • Add images and links in pages

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