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Content Theft
Content Theft

Content Theft

Content theft is a cause of concern for an instructor. Every content writer has a fear for content theft at one point or another. It’s really terrifying to even think of someone stealing your content, then, presenting it as their own and even profiting from it.

Thieves can steal content in numerous ways that includes stealing the entire course or, more likely, stealing individual text and videos from it. What can they do with the stolen data? They might do this to gain the access without payment or to redistribute the content or even use parts of it in their own courses.

However, there are few techniques you can use to prevent this from happening. The Skill Pedia uses these techniques to prevent or minimize the chances to your Content Theft.

The Skill Pedia is a Membership Portal

This puts your course content behind a paywall, which is enough to deter the majority of thieves. The Skill Pedia allow you to restrict content by requiring users to pay for your courses and log in before they can access the content inside. This allows you to prevent thieves from stealing your content to a great extent.

The Skill Pedia also allows you to offer features that the thieves can’t get if they steal your courses. This includes support from you to your students, a members-only forum students can use to discuss the curriculum or get help from one another, as well as a members-only documentation.

Text-Based Content Protection

A simple way for anyone to steal the text-based content in your courses is for them to copy the text by either right-clicking and selecting Copy or entering Ctrl+C on their keyboards. At The Skill Pedia, this is disabled. Hence, nobody can simply use copy-paste to steal the content.

Video Content Protection

You can protect your videos by hosting the videos yourself. You can do this without using too much storage on your server by using Amazon S3. You can then use the link to your videos directly in your courses. If you don’t want to host the videos yourself, you can use YouTube’s unlisted Vimeo’s Plus plan and Wistia.  These ways limit access to your video content.

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