Performance and Tuning: Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7 - EDB553

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Performance and Tuning Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.7



  • Discuss tradeoffs involved in performance tuning
  • Use sp_sysmon and other utilities to tune the server for performance gains
  • Properly configure memory for optimal performance
  • Manage multiple engines
  • Configure, tune, and size data, procedure, and partitioned caches
  • Identify and correct problems in database physical design, including table partitions
  • Use statistics to manage space on DOL tables and indexes
  • Choose the appropriate table locking scheme for a given application
  • Reconfigure Adaptive Server dynamically
  • Improve performance of tempdb by sizing, placement, and solving locking


  • Database Administrators
  • Open Interface Developers


  • Fast Track to Adaptive Server Enterprise 15.0/16.0
  • System and Database Administration: Adaptive Server Enterprise or equivalent work experience to Fast Track and System and Database Administration.



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