Troubleshooting Adaptive Server Data Structures EDB557


    Troubleshooting Adaptive Server Data Structures EDB557


    • Understand the inner workings of Adaptive Server data structures
    • Use dbcc to discover potential data corruption problems
    • Identify and resolve different types of data corruption
    • Understand how transactions are logged and troubleshoot full logs
    • Read and understand the contents of the transaction log
    • Use Recovery Fault Isolation (RFI)


    • Database Administrators who are responsible for the troubleshooting and repair of Adaptive Servers.
    • System Administrators who are responsible for the maintenance of Adaptive Server storage and internal structures.
    • Performance and Tuning Specialists who have system and/or database administration responsibility in managing Adaptive Server environments


    • Completion of Fast Track to Adaptive Server Enterprise (EDB115)
    • Completion of System and Database Administration: Adaptive Server Enterprise (EDB356)
    • Completion of Advanced Administration and Troubleshooting for Adaptive Server Enterprise (EDB652)
    • Highly recommended – Completion of Performance and Tuning: Configuring Adaptive Server Enterprise (EDB553)
    • Minimum 6 months of DBA experience with Adaptive Server Enterprise

    Course Curriculum

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