Perl Training Course

Perl is a powerful scripting language that has been popular for more than a decade. In this engaging, hands-on Perl Training Course , you will learn how to use Perl to build data-driven reporting and systems administration applications. This training also teaches Perl developers the skills they need to interact with databases and write their own Perl modules.

Prerequisites for Perl Training Course

The participants should have Working knowledge in Linux. It will be an added advantage if you have some prior programming experience. Therefore, if you have worked on C, Java or any other programming language, it will be easier for you.

Software Requirement

  • To learn Perl scripting, you should have Linux Operating System preferably RHEL 7 or CentOS
  • Internet Connection for Downloads and Installation from source are required to get started.

Training Objectives

  • To learn the fundamentals of the Perl Scripting and how it can be used to write data reporting and systems administration applications.
  • Explore the fundamentals of Perl programming
  • Debug Perl applications using a variety of tools
  • Manipulate lists, arrays and hashes
  • Creating and using a Perl Package.
  • Install and use Perl modules
  • Integrate Perl scripts with MySQL and Oracle databases using the DBI module
  • Develop you own Perl modules

Hands-on/Lecture Ratio

This Perl training class is 70% hands-on, 30% lecture. You will “learn by doing,” with immediate opportunities to apply the material they learn to real-world problems. Hence It includes demonstrations of all features and capabilities of Perl.

Course Curriculum

Getting Started With Perl
Unit 1. Introduction and History of Perl FREE 00:20:00
In this Unit you will know about the history and philosophy of Perl. Some interesting Facts about Perl.
Unit 2. Features and Uses of Perl FREE 00:30:00
Perl is used at many companies. You can use Perl for the development all types of Applications. In this Unit you will see some of the uses and Features of Perl.
Unit 3. Installing/Building Perl on RHEL 7 00:30:00
Ready with a Machine with RHEL 7/CentOS 7? You need to have an internet connection to download source if want to build Perl from source. You will Learn How to install, Build from Source and Check your Perl Version.
Unit 4. Writing First Perl Program 00:15:00
Its the Time to Create your First Perl Script. If you are all set for the Perl Scripting, You are good to go with this Unit
Data Types
Unit 5. Data Types and Operators in Perl 00:20:00
At the end of unit you will learn about scaler variables, declaring variables and assigning values.
Unit 6. Arrays and Hashes in Perl 00:00:00
In this unit you will see array and hashes with their functions and example.
Unit 7. Referencing and De-referencing in Perl 00:15:00
Unit will give introduction about referencing & de-referencing.
Unit 8. Working with references in Perl 00:30:00
This unit make you familiar with manipulating reference and using references.
Control Structures
Unit 9. Code Blocks and Control Structures in Perl 00:20:00
This unit will make you familiar with code blocks and control structures in perl.
Unit 10. Iterations or Loops in Perl 00:00:00
This unit will make you familiar with iterations or loops in Perl.
Unit11. Regular Expressions in Perl 00:20:00
This unit make you familiar with regular expressions in perl.
Unit 12. Subroutines in Perl 00:20:00
This unit will make you familiar about subroutines in perl
Unit 13. Subroutines and Scope in Perl 00:22:00
This unit will make you more familiar with subroutines and scope.
Perl I/O
Unit 14. Perl I/O 00:20:00
This unit will make you familiar with files and directories.
File & Directory Handling
Unit 15. File and Directory Handling 00:20:00
Unit 16. File Handling in Perl 00:20:00
Perl DBI – Oracle DBI
DBI Architecture and Handling in Perl 00:20:00
This unit will make you familiar with DBI Architecture and Handling in Perl.
Packages & Modules – SFTP and ConnectDirect
Packages and Modules in Perl 00:22:00
This unit will make you familiar with packages and modules in perl.
Handling Emails
Email with Perl 00:15:00
This unit will make you familiar with email in perl.
Socket Handling
Socket Handling in perl 00:15:00
TCP Server in Perl 00:15:00

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