Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Administration OCI IZO-1072



This course will help you in developing an understanding of the building blocks of OCI including the core OCI services: identity and access management, networking, compute, storage, Database, and DNS. Learn strategies to help choose the best migration path to the cloud for an application.

After the course, you can go for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) 2019 Cloud Operations Associate exam – 1Z0-1067.

This course is suited for various roles like Developer, Architect, IT Support etc. to attend this class.

Pre Requisite

Participants are expected to have working knowledge/understanding on following topics:

  • Computer Networking and Connectivity
  • Switches, Routers and Gateways
  • Oracle Database Architecture including Grid Infrastructure
  • Linux Installation and important commands
  • Security and Firewalls
  • Access Control Lists

Hardware and Software Required

The Participants have to create an Oracle Cloud Trial account (30 days free service access and lifelong Free Tier services).

The participants will each need a computer with 8GB RAM, with Windows O/S 64 bit. A Linux VM would be required for certain practices. A ready VM for Oracle VM VirtualBox is available for download at For working on lab assignments, participants need to have access to Internet Connection without firewall restrictions, e.g. to do ssh connection to Cloud Instances.

Course Curriculum

Introduction and Getting Started
OCI 1 Virtualization Vs Cloud technology Details 00:00:00
In this Unit, you will know about the basics of Cloud and Virtualization.
OCI 2 Networking Basics and Key Based Authentication with SSH Details 00:00:00
In this video you would learn about Networking basics.
OCI 3 Understand Oracle Cloud Offerings Details 00:00:00
OCI 4 Connecting to Oracle Cloud – Overview Details 00:00:00
OCI 5 Understand Regions, Availability Domains and Fault Domains Details 00:00:00
Identity and Access Management
OCI 6 Identity and Access Management Details 00:00:00
Virtual Cloud Network
OCI 7 Virtual Cloud Network – VCN Details 00:00:00
OCI Compute Service
OCI 8 Compute Service Details 00:00:00
Governance In Oracle Cloud
OCI 9 Governance in OCI Details 00:00:00
Oracle Cloud Storage Services
OCI 10 Local NVMe Storage in Dense IO Shapes Details 00:00:00
OCI 11 Block Storage Details 00:00:00
OCI 12 Object Storage Details 00:00:00
OCI 13 File Storage Details 00:00:00
OCI 14 Using Oracle Storage Gateway Details 00:00:00
Oracle Cloud Database Services
OCI 15 Understand Oracle Databases and Database Options in OCI Details 00:00:00
OCI 16 OCI Database Operations – Bare Metal and VM DB Systems Details 00:00:00
OCI 17 OCI Exadata Options and Architect HA and DR solutions Details 00:00:00
OCI 18 Managing Autonomous Databases – ADB Details 00:00:00
Advanced VCN and Edge Services
OCI 19 Advanced VCN Concepts Details 00:00:00
OCI 20 Load Balancer Service Details 00:00:00
OCI 21 OCI Edge Services Details 00:00:00
Command Line Interface and Key Management
OCI 22 Key Management Details 00:00:00
OCI 23 Using OCI Command Line Interface Details 00:00:00
Infrastructure as Code and Terraform
OCI 24 Introduction to Container Clusters – OKE and Container Registry Details 00:00:00
OCI 25 Introduction to Infrastructure as Code Details 00:00:00
OCI 26 Introduction to common DevOps Tools for IaC Details 00:00:00
OCI 27 Terraform Overview Details 00:00:00
OCI 28 Installing Terraform on Linux Details 00:00:00
OCI 29 Using Terraform with OCI Details 00:00:00

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