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About the Course

TheSkillPedia OpenStack training course provides a comprehensive learning of OpenStack Cloud. That is to say it includes working procedures and integral services of Openstack like Keystone, Dashboard, Nova, Cinder, Glance, Neutron, Horizon, Heat, Ceilometer, and Trove. Therefore, you will understand how to Install OpenStack Latest Release and troubleshoot it. As a result, you will perform some break & fix operations to OpenStack environment.

Course Objectives

The SkillPedia OpenStack training is designed to help you become an OpenStack Cloud Administrator. Therefore, during this course, you will learn:
OpenStack Cloud and its Components,
Setting up your own lab environment for the training,
Install and Configure Openstack Services,
OpenStack architecture with CLI and API functionalities using Dashboard,
Apply various implementation techniques,
Install Configure and Administer Keystone. Horizon, Glance, Nova, Neutron, Cinder and other OpenStack services.

Target Audience

To sum up, the course is designed for all professionals who want to learn Cloud computing and OpenStack. In conclusion, this OpenStack training will be ideal for:

  • Systems Administrators,
  • Technical and IT Professionals,
  • Storage Administrators and
  • Network Engineers.

Course Curriculum

Section 1 Getting Started with Openstack Cloud
COA 1. Getting to Know OpenStack Details 02:00:00
COA 2. Understanding the Lab Environment Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 1 Configure Networking and NTP Server for Openstack 10, 00:00
COA Lab 2 Install and Configure Prerequisite 10, 00:00
COA 3. Identity Management Service – Keystone Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 3 Install and Configure Keystone Identity Service 450:07
COA 4. Glance Image Management Service Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 4 Install and configure Image Service glance 450:07
Sesion 2 Openstack Services - Installation and Configuration
COA 5. OpenStack Compute with Nova Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 5 Install & configure Nova Compute on Controller Node 600:10
COA Lab 6 Install and configure Nova Compute on Compute Node 450:07
COA 6. OpenStack Dashboard – Horizon Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 7 Install and configure dashboard 300:05
COA 7. Neutron – Openstack Networking Service Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 8 Install and Configure Neutron – Networking Service 600:10
COA 8. Swift – OpenStack Object Storage Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 9 Install and configure Object Store – swift 600:10
COA 9 Neutron Network – Technical Deep Dive Details 00:00:00
COA 10. Openstack Block Storage with Cinder Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 10 Install and configure Block Storage Cinder 450:07
COA 11. OpenStack Orchestration Service Heat Details 00:00:00
COA Lab 11 Install and configure Heat on CentOS 7 450:07
Section 3 Troubleshooting and Advanced Topics
COA 12. Openstack Troubleshooting Details 00:00:00
COA 13. TOSCA on Openstack Rocky Details 00:00:00
COA 14. Upgrade Considerations for Openstack Details 00:00:00
COA 15. Installing Openstack with DevStack on CentOS 7 Details 00:00:00

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