Linux Essentials – A Beginners Course


This course, Linux Essentials, is designed to give you an introduction to the Linux operating system. You will learn history of Linux, a bit about the Linux Flavors and how to use Linux in the workplace. You’ll also learn how to:

  • Install software on a Linux Based system
  • Work from the command line interface
  • Write your own shell scripts to complete repetitive tasks
  • Use the built-in help capabilities of Linux

Add Linux to your CV and start studying for the Linux Certification.

Over the years, Linux has evolved into the most reliable operating system for the enterprise. It’s used for embedded systems to virtually all supercomputers.  Nowadays any Job in the field of Information Technology,  requires some Linux knowledge.  TheSkillPedia’s Linux Essentials quickly builds your Linux knowledge, your proof to employers that you know Linux!  No prerequisites required for this course.

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Course Curriculum

Linux History and Getting Started
LE 1. Unix/Linux History 00:00:00
LE 2. The BIOS and the UEFI 00:00:00
LE 3. Getting Started with Linux 00:00:00
Important Commands and Utilities
LE 4. Users, Groups & Permissions, The Bash Shell and Files 00:00:00
LE 5. File Management Commands in Linux. 00:00:00
LE 6. Linux Commands & Command-Line Tools 00:00:00
Process and Job Scheduling
LE 7. Input Output Redirection and Process Concept 00:00:00
LE 8. Job Scheduling 00:00:00
LE 9. Regular Expressions and grep 00:00:00
File Editing Utilities
LE 10. The vi Editor 00:00:00
Linux Networking and Security
LE 11. Administration with the Secure Shell and Secure Copy 00:00:00
LE 12. Linux Network Client Tools 00:00:00
LE 13. Basic Firewall Control 00:00:00
Shell Scripting
LE 14. Shell Scripting Part 1 00:00:00
LE 15. Shell Scripting Part 2 00:00:00
SSH Keys, GRUB and Time Synchronization
LE 16. Securing SSH with Key-Based Authentication 00:00:00
LE 17. Bootloaders and GRUB 2 00:00:00
LE 18. Control by Target and Time Synchronization 00:00:00
Storage and File System Management
LE 19. Storage Management and Partitions 00:00:00
LE 20. Filesystem Formats 00:00:00
LE 21. Logical Volume Management 00:00:00
LE 22. Filesystem Management 00:00:00
Package Management
LE 23. The Red Hat Package Manager 00:00:00
Users and Security
LE 24. The yum Command in Linux 00:00:00
LE 25. User Account Management 00:00:00

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